Earn extra money by referring new clients to MD Media Consulting.

Are you looking to earn extra money on the side, or even to start a new, full time venture? The MD Media Consulting affiliate program is the way to go with a flexible approach and a passion for building strong relationships- just as with all our customers.

What does being an affiliate involve?

Being an affiliate means bringing new customers to MD Media Consulting- and helping to communicate our broad range of products and services that meet a wide variety of demands.
The affiliate program started in early 2010, and since then we have helped many people earn with us. In 2013, we have improved the affiliate program to make it even more flexible.

How will you choose to earn with MD Media Consulting?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do I need have an MD Media Consulting product or service purchased to be an affiliate?

No- you can sign up for a ClientNet account without purchasing anything from MD Media Consulting. From there, simply go to the Affiliates page and follow the prompts.

Is there a minimum number of referrals required per month?

No- we want you to enjoy flexibility and the ability to choose how you use the program.

How long will it take for me to get paid?

Your referrals may be subject to anti-fraud measures depending on which type of affiliate you are. If you are a casual affiliate the referee's account must remain active for at least two months before payments from referrals can be issued. If you refer someone on January 5 for example, you can expect to see the payment in your account by mid-March. Resellers and sales specialists will have special arrangements for faster processing and payment, and should contact us for more details.

How do I get paid?

For casual affiliates, once your balance reaches $25.00, you will be able to make a withdrawal.

Making a withdrawal as MD Media Consulting account credit is the suggested method. It's free and has no tax obligations.

The amount can be credited to your MD Media Consulting account for payment of any MD Media Consulting invoice at no cost. We also offer EFT and PayPal payments. Fees may apply.

You will be treated for tax purposes as a contractor. You must declare any income made to the authorities as required to by laws that apply to you. We cannot provide tax advice- please contact the Australian Tax Office (ATO) or your relevant authority for more details.

For other affiliates, payment will be made to your nominated bank account with other options available on request.

Where can I use my unique referral link?

We encourage you to spread your unique affiliate link to maximise your chances of gaining referrals.

We suggest that you use your link:

  • in emails to people you know if they have requested it
  • on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking
  • on your personal website and blog
  • in any advertising on your site for MD Media Consulting or for web services

However, we want to clearly stress that links must NEVER be spam. Do not send your link out as an email to someone that you don't know or to someone who hasn't requested the link, and do not post the link on someone else's website without their permission.

Webmasters and individuals who have received unauthorised links can contact to report spamming.

How do you record referrals?

For casual affiliates, when an individual follows your unique referral link, a cookie is placed on their computer for 90 days. They will then be forwarded to the MD Media Consulting homapage. If they make a purchase within 90 days, the checkout will recognise the cookie and will associate the appropriate affiliate with the account.

Sometimes this may fail if:

  • the user has cookies disabled
  • the user clears cookies before making a purchase
  • the user follows another affiliate link after yours.

You will be able to view your account to see if the referral has been recorded. If it has failed, then get the referee to contact They may nominate you as the referee.

Only one affiliate can be associated with an order- only one comission can be paid. In all cases, this will be the most recent affiliate link that the referee clicked on.

For other affiliates, special arrangements are made, and will be covered as part of our training to you.

How can I get free web hosting?

The affiliate program can provide you with free web hosting.

All you need to do is refer four people to the same service. For example, if you have a .com domain name and a Basic Bronze web hosting plan, you can refer four people to the same services. This will ensure that your affiliate payouts are the same as the cost of your service.

Simply get your affiliate payments made to your MD Media Consulting credit account and pay invoices with these funds.

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