Community Grants

Community Grants

We like to give something back to the community at MD Media Consulting. One of the ways we do that is with our community grants program.
The community grants program gives non-profit organisations that otherwise would be unable to use our services the ability to establish a strong online presence.
Our Community Grants provide a substantial discount on our services to those organisations.
Every six months in January and July, funds are made available, and we are always on the lookout for an organisation to receive a grant.

Does your organisation need a community grant?

Are you looking to improve, update or start an online presence? We are here to help you tell your story. Think seriously about applying for one of our community grants, as it could make a huge difference to how to perform online if you are successful.

Organisations that meet some or all of the following criteria will be looked upon favourably for a community grant from us:

  • Organisations that are small in size, with less than 30 staff or volunteers
  • Organisations in regional or rural areas, especially in Victoria, Australia
  • Organisations working in the fields of broadcasting, technology, media and environment
  • Organisations showing interest and passion about getting online
  • Organisations that already have a website, or a strong/active presence on social media

When applying, please tell us what services you are looking for. Please note that to be fair to everyone, our community grants do not offer 100% of the cost of our services, but they do offer a substantial discount with aim of making our products more attainable. Non-profit organisations are encouraged to seek grants from other bodies to assist in making up the cost of our services.
Every application sent will be carefully considered. While we receive a high volume of applications, we aim to respond with an outcome within 1-2 weeks. If you are unsuccessful we strongly encourage you to apply again in the next six month period.

To apply for a grant, please email and include the following details:

  • Organisation name and incorporation details if appropriate
  • A brief description of what your organisation does
  • Mission and vision statements
  • Your current website and/or social media accounts
  • What services you require
  • Why you believe your organisation should receive a grant over any other organisation. Please include supporting information from members, volunteers and others where possible
  • Why you are passionate about getting online

We look forward to working with the successful applicants.

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