Environment Commitment

Environment Commitment

We understand the impact on the environment of what we do. While others are talking, we are taking active steps to reduce our impact, and we are always looking for new ideas.

What we are doing to make a difference to our impact:

  • We provide community grants, with a focus on organisations working in the area of the environment. This helps these organisations get their key message out.
  • All our web hosting, including this website is 130% carbon neutral, using wind power and renewable energy credits. Our customers love that their websites make a difference to the environment in a positive way.
  • We work to minimise business travel where possible by offering customers online training and video conferencing to reduce site visits
  • We are constantly working to streamline our operations, and aim to be paperless where possible https://cialisfromuk.com/generic-cialis-in-uk/
  • We work to make electronic devices as ‘future-proof’ as possible so they last longer. At the end of their life cycle we recycle where we can

Even though our impact is small, we hope to lead the way in our environment commitment, just as we lead the way in how we do business.

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