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15 Dec 16 December 2013
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Welcome to our fresh new look

We are really excited to launch our fresh new look and website today.

Since we started in 2009, lots of things have changed, which is why we have moved to refresh our image.

The new image is the result of months of consultation with clients and design experts. The new image goes with a new colour scheme with reflects to diversity of the products we offer and the clients we serve.

The new website has been developed during 2013 to take advantage of the latest web technologies and improvements since our previous site was built in 2011.

Some of the features of the new website:

  • New colour palette featuring our new brand and image
  • Fully responsive so you can view the site on any screen size with optimum viewing
  • A clearer navigation structure with dropdown menus, and URLs that are easier to link to and share
  • Improvements to our internal content management system to make it easier to update and provide the latest information to customers.

We have also made changes to some of our products to reflect the latest demands of this ever-changing market.
Enjoy the new look, and if you have any queries please contact us.

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