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To get the fastest and most reliable support, we ask that you follow these steps:

Step 1: Check the Service Status

If you are experiencing a problem with your MD Media Consulting service, the first step should be to review the Service Status page to check if the problem you are experiencing is a known issue. If the issue has already been acknowledged, you do not need to lodge a support ticket. Please review the status advisory for updates on the issue. You need to be logged in to ClientNet to view the service status information. ClientNet will highlight issues that may be relevant to you.

Step 2: Visit the Knowledgebase

If your issue is not on the service status page, start by reviewing the MD Media Consulting Knowledgebase. It contains the answer to many common problems and frequently asked questions.

Step 3: Review our helpful Video Tutorials

The next step is to take a look at our Video Tutorials. These tutorials give you a step by step guide to using your hosting account.

Step 4: Contact the Customer Service Team

If you still can’t find an answer, contact support.
The fastest and most reliable way to get support is to open a ticket with us. Please login to ClientNet before you open a ticket so that you can access the technical support department, and so that your ticket is automatically associated with your account.
You can also email or call +61 3 9012 6389.

Please note that you can only email the support email address from an email address associated with an active ClientNet account. If you don’t have a ClientNet account you can register for one or open a ticket instead.

Before you send an email or open a ticket:

Please provide as much information as possible to support your request. A detailed ticket or email can usually be resolved in minutes, while a vague ticket or email will take longer.

Example of vague support ticket:
My email is not working, please fix ASAP

Example of detailed support ticket:
My email address, doesn’t work with Outlook. When I try to send messages, I get the error ‘Invalid authentication’.

When telling us about your issue, try to include the following:

  • Where the fault is- provide an email address if email is not working, or a website URL if a website isn’t functioning
  • What you have to do to create the issue- does it happen all the time or do you need to recreate certain steps?
  • What an error message says- include a screenshot if you can
  • What operating system and web browser you are using (or email program if relevant)
  • When the problem started

If you include the above, our response times will be reduced and we’ll be able to resolve your issue faster.

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