Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Your website can look good and feel great, but to get people to visit, it needs traffic leads.

Website traffic can come from a variety of sources, including marketing, social networking, email campaigns and search engines. Where do the majority of your visitors come from?

Your performance on search engines, especially Google will determine your site's success or failure. A great Google ranking means great traffic which has the potential to convert to sales, signups or enquiries for your site.

How can I get to the top of Google?

Google keeps their search algorithm secret, so nobody truly knows how sites are ranked.
However, through thousands of hours of trial and error and analysis, some key factors which determine ranks have been found

If you are serious about SEO...

If you are serious about SEO, you'll want to take out a monthly webmaster package with us. We'll do work on your site's search engine credentials every month and the packages come with a range of other benefits to help you grow online.

SEO Framework

Simple, proven, one-time options

We also offer a range of simple, one-time services. Each service is based on our proven MD Media Consulting SEO Framework. The SEO Framework was founded in 2009 and has been constantly revised with various changes that have been made to Google since that time. Our one-time services help you get fast results, and you'll know exactly how much your spend will be, and what work has actually been done.

Directory submissions

We submit your site to directories related to your site's keywords. We also get keywords from you and create listings with them. This leads to an increase in the number of links to your site.
The result is:

  • An increase in your site's Google ranking
  • More traffic to your site from these links


10 submissions of one URL- $69.99
20 submissions of one URL- $135.99
50 submissions of one URL- $279.99

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Soical Bookmarking

We submit your site to various social bookmarking sites such as delicious along with keywords that you provide. The result is an increase in traffic to your site as well as a boost in Google ranking.
Social bookmarking is all about getting your site noticed by other people who use social bookmarking sites.

10 submissions of one URL- $69.99
20 submissions of one URL - $135.99
50 submissions of one URL - $279.99

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FastTrack Search Engine Submission

We submit your site to the Top 7 search engines which account for 95% of all searches.

Our FastTrack service means that you'll appear on Google within 7 days, followed by other search engines.

The result is greater exposure on search engines for your site.

We submit to the following search engines:

  • Google
  • Yahoo!
  • Bing/Ninemsn
  • AOL Search
  • DogPile try here
  • MyWebSearch

7 submissions of one URL- $69.99

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Sitemap and Robots.txt Development and Submission

If you want to increase the number of pages indexed by search engines, which increases your chances of being found, then an XML Sitemap can help.

A robots.txt file can also guide search engine spiders to the content on your site.

When you purchase an XML Sitemap and robots.txt development and submission service, MD Media Consulting will develop both files and email them to you with instructions on how to use them. We will also submit your sitemap to various search engines.

XML Sitemap and robots.txt development and submission- $120.99

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HTML Code Optimisation

Our HTML code optimisation program reviews the code used on your pages. It ensures that all the key words are being communicated to the search engines.
Our landing page creation helps you have a clear call to action for your visitors on a targeted page. For example, if a user searches for 'Bendigo italian catering', we will aim to have that user land on a page on your website that promotes all aspects of what the user is looking for, with a clear call to action to help your site convert.

Optimisation for three search terms per page- from $89
Landing page generation for one search term, including copywriting- from $149

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SEO Strategies and Competitior Analysis Report

What are your competitors doing that your site isn't?
If your site isn't doing as well as you want it to on Google or other search engines, then let us explain to you the possible causes of this.
We look at your performance on Google for up to three search phrases, and then look at up to five competitors. Your completed report will explain what your competitors are doing and possible reasons for their higher rank.
The report can be followed up by phone call to respond to any questions. We also accept emails with queries that relate to the report results.

Website SEO improvement strategies report- $49.99

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