Website Editing

Website Editing


Website visitors typically spend less than eight seconds deciding whether or not to be impressed by your website.

If your content doesn't make the grade or is out of date, then they will quickly find your competitors who can provide them the information they need.
If you are too busy to maintain your website, or don't have the technical skills to do so, then you can contract MD Media Consulting to help you. If you are interested in regular help rather than once off, consider our Monthly Webmaster Service with hours available each month at an affordable prepaid rate along with other benefits.

We have a team with a diverse range of skills to assist you- from image editing, colour changes and other simple tasks through to creating online forms and database applications.

Pay as you go rates for the Website Change/Update Service

  Websites hosted by MD Media Consulting Other Websites

Fee per request

$10 + GST

$20 + GST

Rate of all work

$55 + GST per half hour of work or part thereof

$65 + GST per half hour or part therof

How to use the change and update service as you go

Using the service is quick and easy.

  • Make sure you have your email address registered on ClientNet. Click here to sign up for a new account.
  • Email your request to with the required login/access details for your site (we will request this information if not provided).
  • You will receive a price and timeframe for your job, which you can accept or decline.
  • Your work will be booked into our system at the next available timeslot.
  • Work is charged in blocks of 30 minutes. The minimum fee is $65 + GST for all pay as you go services.
  • You will be invoiced once the work is completed- payment is by Credit Card, PayPal, EFT and Cheque.

Consider taking out a package from the Monthly Webmaster Service if you wish you use this service more often.

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