Premium Package

Premium Package

We take our Premium Package seriously.

In 2013 we made changes to ensure our Premium Package continued to offer unbeatable value, and we still believe that you won't find the same amount of value anywhere else. In the Premium Package, we provide extras to turbocharge your site and ensure that you get the best return on your investment.

With this package, your visitors will see a site that reflects you. Striking and professional design, a sophisticated layout and plenty of features to match leading Australian business websites. This package is an investment- because you can easily expand your site as your needs grow- need eCommerce or growth to 10,000 pages? No problem. Our professional advice on setting up calls-to-action and getting strong conversions is always available throughout development.


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What's included?


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What extras can I add-on?

Extend your site with our bolt-on extras:

  • Content Service- get us to write your content and take images for your site. In our on-site coverage area, we'll come to your business, interview you and take pictures for the site. The interview will be conducted by phone or email outside our site coverage area. Spend less time writing and get on with your business. $69 / page.
  • Extra pages at $69 / page. Each page includes 5 more images.
  • Logo design for your site- $320- 100% money back, satisfaction guarantee
  • Even more Advanced Stock Photos from our extensive library- $25 each (minimum order of two). Reuse these stock photos in printing and other applications.
  • Extra Training- $80/hour on-site in available areas or $59/hour for phone/video training

Once your support expires, we'll give you options to extend your coverage.
If you are looking for more, think about getting a custom site with us. Email us for more details.

What is the process and timeframe?

For our Premium Package (timeframes are approximate):

  • We send you key questions about the site within 24 hours of your complete order.
  • We create two design mockups within about 2-7 business days after receiving your completed questions
  • Two more design mockups can be optionally created, about 2-7 business days after receiving your feedback on the first two mockups
  • We get all the content for the site from you. We are here to help while you prepare this and decide on your site structure.
  • We prepare a final document including your selected design, and all the content for the pages within around 3-9 business days of receiving your complete content. You approve this.
  • We develop your site's foundation- it's ready for you to see around 3-4 weeks after our site plan is approved by you.
  • The site can go up immediately subject to your approval.
  • 7 day FastTrack Advanced Search Engine submission
  • iPhone Web App and Advanced SEO Campaign
  • Email Marketing Setup
  • On-site training and extras are implemented where applicable.
What is the cost?

The main cost is the $2498 one-time setup of your site.
Once done you will need web hosting and at least one domain name.
We strongly suggest hosting with us for guaranteed compatibility and the very best support. We can't support third party hosting accounts, and we may be limited in moving the site over for you.
We've included a $200 GetOnline voucher. This can be used towards your domain name, web hosting or SSL Certificate costs. It's valid for 6 months after your site goes live. You can use it to cover web hosting for a maximum of two years, SSL certificates for a maximum of 1 year and a maximum of two years on domain names.
Our suggested plan for this package gives you 1000MB in disk space, 100 email accounts and more. The cost is $85.08 per year.
Registering a domain name varies depending on what type you want, but it is usually around $10-$30 per year. Some domain names may require multiple years to be paid upfront. and domain names are $42.99 per 2 years with us, while .com and .net domain names are $14.95 per year.

What is the schedule of fees?

Our easy payment options include credit card, EFT, PayPal and cheque.

  • A 50% deposit of $1249 is required to complete your order
  • Domain name payment is required to secure your domain name. You can secure your name at any time before the site goes live.
  • A 25% payment of $624.50 is due when the website plan is approved before we start development OR 1 month after the initial questions are sent, whichever occurs first.
  • A 25% payment of $624.50 is due once development is completed before the site goes live OR 1 month after the previous 25% payment, whichever occurs first.
  • Payment of web hosting is due before the site goes live. If you run out of testing server time (6 months), payment is required to continue development.
Is a rush option available?

As our Premium Package is designed to be an advanced and all-inclusive solution, a rush option is not available due to the dedication and time we give your site. You might like to look at the rush option on our Startup Package.

Can you come to my location? What is your service area?
  • Within 30km of the Geelong and/or Melbourne CBD by road.
  • Within 30km of the Bendigo, Ballarat or Pakenham CBD for a surcharge of $80 per on-site visit
  • All other areas $1.50 per KM by road from the Geelong or Melbourne CBD per on-site visit


Further questions? Setup a call or ask an email question with a web developer

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