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Now everyone can look great and get found online


Now everyone can get online


Affordable Sites by MD Media Consulting

We have spoken to businesses extensively when building our signature website packages and online stores- and we have built them in response to what businesses want.

But we understand that sometimes, you want an easier way that's more affordable, which lead us to create Affordable Sites by MD Media Consulting. Affordable Sites are perfect for non-profit organisations, or micro businesses that would otherwise have no online presence. However, for the very best return on investment, online exposure and scope for future growth, you cannot go past one of our signature packages.

Our Affordable Sites website will be launching soon, but you can still order our exciting Affordable Sites.

How does an Affordable Site differ from a normal site?

We have worked to streamline how Affordable Sites are built. When we save design and development time, you save.

What have we reduced?

  • Scope for future growth of your site is more restricted
  • Search Engine Optimisation is reduced
  • On-site training is not available
  • Flexibility in creating a unique design
  • Individual support in favour of self-serve options

We understand that our Affordable Sites may not be for everyone, but they might be for you.

What sites are available?

Website Kit- everything you need is included to build your own site. $169 / year. Look at a demo of the software you will be using.
The Static One Pager- a very simple, one-page site for $99 + hosting and domain registration- you won’t get a better deal anywhere
DIY CMS- Build your own CMS Website. We’ll give you the tools and training documentation and you can setup your site as you see fit. $399.
Five Page EasyEdit Site- Closest to our Startup Website package. The price of this site varies based on our current workload- if you book development during a quiet time you can save with a significant discount.


Finance is available for all affordable options, so you can get online from as little as $35 per week.

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