Custom Projects

You have the vision, we have the expertise and manpower


We'll make it happen


Joomla! components? Smartphone apps click to investigate? Intranets and client portals? More advanced eCommerce? If you can think of it, chances are we’ve already done it. Speak to us first.

The best developers
We partner with some of the best developers around the world, who bring extensive skills and knowledge to the table.

MD CMS Platform- built by us from the ground up
The MD CMS platform provides the essential skeleton for custom web projects. It has been the powerhouse behind many projects to date, including previous MD Media Consulting websites.
With the MD CMS as a solid foundation, the only limitation is your imagination with a range of features not offered by other content management systems. We look forward to using the MD CMS on your next custom project.

Past Projects

  • Custom online stores with extensive purchasing options- custom designs and advanced product selection
  • Applications to keep staff connected with head office on tablets
  • Online ordering with SMS notifications
  • Smartphone application development
  • Client portals to better promote businesses to clients, and to facilitate online ordering and communication

Give us a call or send an email to find out more.

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