How we build your website

Connected people

Our sites are reflective of what business professionals want, not just what IT people want

We started in 2009, and since then, we have been able to optimise how we build sites.

Key Principles

We stand for the following values in our web design approach:

  • Unbeatable value- we have to constantly improve what we do to stay ahead of the competition
  • Look great, get found. Your site has to look good and reflect well on your business values, but you also need to be found online.
  • Great results- convert traffic that comes to your site into sales
  • Traffic from day one- your site should start performing straight away.
  • Know where you are at- web design can be complex, but we want our customers to understand where they are at in the site processs

How do we achieve what we say- and act while others are just talking?

Connected people
  • We keep tabs on what’s going on. What works right now could change tomorrow in the fast-paced online industry. So we have to know the trends, understand the technology and know the competition.
  • Our sites look great because a professional graphic designer creates a striking design- but then we go to you for your input. We want a site that you are happy with. If your company has styling guides we follow these to the letter.
  • We optimise your site for the search engines as we build it with features like SEF URLs and optimised code. Our FastTrack search engine submission and AdWords vouchers on selected package ensure your site starts performing immediately.
  • A clear process from start-to-finish that you understand from the start. Our online project management system lets get updates on your project up-to-the-minute. And we run through the process with you at the start so you know where things are at.
  • Once central point of contact- you get a developer assigned to your project from start to finish. So there’s one person to call if you need help and they will know you and your site personally

What’s the rough process to build a site?

Every package has its own special features, so the process varies, but roughly the process is:

  • Strategy- we understand your goals, what your site is about and what you do. And the key question of what problem we are solving with our site.
  • Look and Structure- we get your feedback of how the site should look and what structure the site should have. If you have your own firm ideas, go for it, but if you are unsure just tell us and we will provide our professional input.
  • Designs- what will the site look like? We present you with mockups and you can select your favourite or tell us how to make the designs look better. We then lock in the design.
  • Content- you supply us with the content or we get this professionally prepared for you.
  • Final approval- you sign off on the design and the content so you know exactly what the end result will be.
  • Development- we develop and code the site to your exact specifications
  • Testing- we test what we do, then we invite you to test. We take your feedback seriously.
  • Live- your site goes up.
  • SEO- search engine submission and promotion of your site to start getting traffic
  • On-site training to show you how to manage and edit your site
  • Extras- any extras are completed now
  • Ongoing- we can provide support, maintenance and help you grow

More questions?

Ask a web developer a question- ask an email question or setup a phone call

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