MD Media Consulting proudly uses cPanel


Use the industry-leading cPanel with every plan

When you choose one of our web hosting plans, you are choosing to have full control over your website. That means that you can make changes to settings and your site's configuration 24/7 without needing to submit support tickets. The easy-to-use and intuitive interface means that anyone with basic IT knowledge can take control of their site.

Accessing cPanel for your site is as easy as logging into your ClientNet account.

What aspects of my site can I control?

With cPanel, it's easy to control the essential aspects of your site.

You can edit your email accounts, forwarders, auto responders, mailing lists, filtering and spam and access analysis tools.
You can edit all your files and FTP accounts, as well as your site's pages (.html files) with a WYSIWYG editor. Using PHPmyAdmin, edit your mySQL databases or setup remote access.
Certain directories can be password protected, subdomains and addon domains managed, custom error pages created, cron jobs configured and perl modules controlled. And that's just the start of what cPanel offers you.

View a demo of cPanel to find out more

What tools does cPanel provide for my site?

cPanel also gives you tools to help you monitor, enhance and maintain your site.


Fantastico can convert your ordinary site to an extraordinary one with a few mouse clicks and keystrokes. In a few minutes, you can setup blogs, shopping carts, wikis, forums, CMSs, photo sharing facilities and more- there are up to 50 applications that can be installed with minimal technical knowledge in a few minutes.

Logging and statistics

View your site's latest visitors, bandwidth use, raw access logs and error logs. Find out more about the type of people attracted to your site with Awstats and Webalizer installed and ready to go.

Email spam protection

Box Trapper is a tool that ensures the person emailing has a valid email address to prevent spam being sent from bogus accounts. Meanwhile, SpamAssassin is an automated email filtering system that attempts to identify spam messages based on the content of the email's headers and body.

HotLink protection and IP deny

Stop spammers in their tracks. HotLink protection prevents other sites from stealing your monthly data transfer by using your photos and IP deny bans certain IP addresses from using your site if you know they have a history of spamming.

Purchase any plan and then login to cPanel with the username and password provided in your welcome email to start enjoying the benefits.

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